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Mental stress are responsible for 90% Psychological and Physical illness .Once the mind is free from these negative emotional thoughts ,you will be get rid of diseases, So HYPNOTHERAPY will help you to cure from psychological and psychosomatic disease.


Anxiety, Depression, OCD, PTSD, mania, Bipolar disorder, Communication disorder, Autism, ADHD, AgoraPhobia,Social Anxiety disorde, eating disorder, insomnia, parasomnias, Addiction, Personality disorder, thumb sucking, bed wetting, nail-biting, Panic attacks, hysteria, dyslexia, sleep disorder, fear, teeth eating, stammering, menstrual problem, slow learner, horror dreams, addiction low memory problem weight loss, anger management, phobia, suicidal thoughts, postpartum depression, Parkinson's, students problem, not willing to study, COUNSELING Marriage counselling, student counselling, love break, mental shock etc.

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James Blake

Adv. Sunil Katekar Registrar Family court Nagpur.

“The fingerprint scan for ‘Multiple Intelligence’ assessment tells us about our son’s special skills. We’ve learned how to teach him and how we can help him learn. If parents and teachers know a child’s strengths and weaknesses, they will know which is the best method to teach or guide him , i.e. what particular ability they can encourage further, so that the child can grow up to be a good and capable person”

Grace Anthony

Mr. Dhyanesh Bhat (Dy. Collector), Nagpury

This is great science to known the in born talents. By which we can get a prefect career direction. I would recommend to do the DMIT Report for complete success.

Dwain Wright

Mr. Deelip Mankawade ( deputy collector) Nagpur

Acording to me DMIT is good for all students to take a life changing decisions in their career. I am very much sure that this guidance will be very much useful for further growth.

Sabina Nelson

Mr. Atul Deshmukh (CA) Nagpur

“Understood the true meaning of "You need to see it to believe it", got test done out of curiosity of my daughter and son and was amazed with results, every parent must get DMIT test done for their children for having a deep understanding about strengths and weaknesses of  their child. Thanks Brain power Academy”

Sabina Nelson

Prof. Arvind Karkhanis, Wani

“I Was curious to know potential of my son, and after getting DMIT report I am able to understand my son better and would invest on right career selected on the  basis of her in-born capabilities.”

Sabina Nelson

Dr. Rajgopalan (scientist in acoustic science ) Nagpur

“Never believed that DMIT test can be so useful for us to know our child better till I got it done for sake of curiosity, but once report came we were amazed. I personally think every parent should make their children undergo this test for enabling better parenting and stress free life for their children. Thank You Brain Power Academy.”

Sabina Nelson

Pradeep Bongirwar, Director (Sushganga poytechnic collage Wani)

“Test results were amazing and counselling session was very informative and helpful for us in understanding our child's potential. We are now very aware on how to utilize in-born potentials, his future career path of our child to ensure his bright future.”

Sabina Nelson

Dr. Sachin Changle (ortho.) Niramay Hospital Untakhana Nagpur.

“This report is precise and accurate. It has a very Practical Approach and proves to be very good and helping.. I would recommend the same to other parents for their children as well. 100% accuracy & will be very useful for your child. It is Good Scientific way to shape our Child's Future and Personality.”

Sabina Nelson

Mrs. Shobahna Ambedkar (Director) Micron Convent Wani

“I’m just amazed by the 100% accurate report that I received after the DMIT analysis. It’s is very unique concept, which identifies the inborn talent of any person. I would personally recommend this to every individual, without a second thought.”

Sabina Nelson

Mrs Karma Telang (Director Saksham Convent ) Wani

“DMIT is good for everyone since it shows one’s personality and guides people about their strengths, weaknesses and identifies precise areas for improvement.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What Healing Techniques Holistic
Doctors Vouch For?

HYPNOSIS is a human condition involving focused attention, reduced peripheral awareness and enhanced the capacity to respond to suggestions. It is a one-way state of relaxation, confusion or concentration in which the conscious mind becomes remote are detached from every day cares and concerns and in the relaxed state of the unconcerned part of the mind is the best able to respond creatively to suggestions and imaginary.

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HYPNOBIRTH is a process or method by which should lead to a calmer birth. The main basic ideas behind the stress, anxiety, and fear will cause pain to the mother. During the labor, the body produces a chemical called oxytocin and endorphin which helps to progress for labor.

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The longform of DMIT is Dermatoglytic multiple intelligence test. This is a scintific study of the relation between fingerprint and brain neuran this is the application og dermatoglyphic science. DMIT it is a beach which deals scientific study of ridges of the finger. In 1892 Sir Francis Galton establishes this theory of Dermatoglytic science.

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